About Dakota Power Community Wind

The wind is always blowing in South Dakota – and we have the chance to make sure South Dakotans benefit from all that wind.

A local group of landowners and business leaders formed Dakota Power Community Wind to take advantage of an excellent pocket of wind in Southeast South Dakota.

The planned wind farm has more than 120 landowners ready to dedicate over 26,000 acres to the effort. Dakota Power is planned to generate 300 megawatts of electricity into the Southwest Power Pool, which supplies Lincoln County, Union County, most of South Dakota and 13 other states.

Landowner Opportunities

Dakota Power Community Wind continues to work with landowners to secure additional land for the project, and show them the economic benefits of providing these land options so they may have the opportunity to host wind turbines on their land.

Landowners who sign up their land with an option allow Dakota Power Community Wind to study and potentially place either a wind turbine, access/service road or underground collector cable on that land.

Once the wind farm has been fully designed and sited, the option will then become a long-term lease of only that specified piece of land where the turbine, road or cable is located. All the other land that was previously held under option would then be released back to the landowner.

Those locations chosen would be surveyed and registered upon the lease taking effect. The average amount of land required for each turbine and its service road is expected to be no more than 1.5 acres per turbine site.

What’s in it for you?

Once the wind farm is operational, Dakota Power Community Wind will pay 4 percent of the gross revenues from the wind farm to the collective group of all enrolled landowners, to be split amongst them 70 percent, 20 percent and 10 percent.

  • 70 percent to landowners with turbines located on their property.
  • 20 percent to landowners where access/service roads, underground collector cables or other infrastructure is located.
  • 10 percent to landowners that enrolled their land to participate, but did not receive any turbines or other infrastructure.

How are you protected?

  • Dakota Power Community Wind must compensate the landowner for any loss or damage to crops and livestock caused by the company; before, during or after construction according to the option and lease.
  • Dakota Power Community Wind will retain the right to assign the option or lease to a third party, however any terms agreed to with the landowner would remain in force.
  • Dakota Power Community Wind will control all weeds and handle all snow removal on any access/service roads that are leased.

It’s your right
More than 250 of your friends and neighbors have already shown their support for a wind farm development in Southeast South Dakota.

Unfortunately, some people want to stop these plans. Their opposition to wind turbines – based almost solely on the fact that they just don’t want to look at them – could put a stop to the wind farm project.
Landowners have the right to decide what they want to do with their land. Don’t let anyone take that away.

Learn more about enrolling your land in the Dakota Power Community Wind project and making this grassroots effort a reality. Please call 605-214-5900 for more information.

Investor opportunities

Dakota Power Community Wind opened its South Dakota resident-only investment offering in May 2014, and successfully broke its $1.5 million escrow in September 2014. By the close of the offering on Dec. 31, there was more than $2.5 million raised for the project.

More than 170 South Dakota investors, many in Southeast South Dakota, chose to invest an average of $14,000+ each in renewable energy on a local level. This investment not only will help to reduce our nation’s dependence on fossil fuels, but also it will bring additional economic prosperity to the region.

Take Action

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This study analyzed more than 122,000 home sales, 1,500 within a mile of a turbine.

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