Harness the Power of Wind

For the last couple decades, powerful wind turbines have gradually emerged across the sweeping plains of nearly every Midwestern state. South Dakota is no exception.

Wind energy is one of the cleanest, most abundant, sustainable — and increasingly cost-effective — ways to generate electricity, currently powering the equivalent of 15.5 million average American homes.

More than a dozen utility and independent grid operator studies have found that wind can reliably provide an even larger share of our electricity. The U.S. Department of Energy recently concluded that wind power, along with other renewables, could cost-effectively provide 80 percent of the nation’s electricity by 2050.

It’s exciting to think of the possibilities wind power holds, both for the environment and the economy.

More than 170 local investors have partnered with 110 Lincoln County landowners to raise enough money to launch Dakota Power Community Wind, a project that not only will help reduce our nation’s dependence on fossil fuels but also create jobs and generate a new tax base that will directly support our school systems and townships.

Take Action

Make sure your elected officials know the difference wind power can make!

Contact the Lincoln County Commissioners to show your support for the Dakota Power Community Wind project.

Dan King - email

David Gillespie email

Dale Long - email

Mike Poppens - email

Jim Schmidt - email

Lincoln County Planning and Zoning Director

Paul Aslesen - email


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